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The Sør- Varanger municipality is a bordercountry and it is forming a geological, botanical and zoological frontier between Europe and Asia. This Region has been and will be a meeting place for peoples from east and west. There are some challenges Kirkenes will have to face. What influence will the resumption of the mining activities have on the character of a region which used to offer a rich variety of sport, cultural and recreational activities? The short distance to the Stockman gas field and other resources in the Barents Sea and region makes the city a very attractive location for companies that are somehow part of this line of industry.

About the Barents Spektakel

We visited "Pikene på Broen" in their headquarters (in the photo: Luba Kuzovnikova and Inger Blix Kvammen) and discussed a lot about regional topics, i.e. the mines, tourism, cross border issues, climate change and how these are closely connected to each other. And we talked about our Memoria Norway live performance to be part of the next Barents Spektakel that they are curating and that will take place here at Kirkenes in February 2010. The topic is "Arctic Calling"


Yesterday evening we arrived at Kirkenes during clear weather and -4 degrees C. Although it isn't supposed to be snowing today, it is. It is a Thursday early afternoon, it looks like 5 and feels like 7pm. Please note that the church's clock has been fixed since the photo we did here last march.


When the temperature dropped to -8 degrees C, the landscape appeared to be frozen in ice and time. Anyway, our perception of time is somehow strange here, on 3pm you almost get this evening feeling. Most likely, this will increase during the next weeks.

Nov-11-09 - 12:39


While we are getting our tires being upgraded with spikes for icy surfaces, we take the time to visit the Arktikum, which features huge exhibitions about Arctic history and cultures and especially the environmental aspects of the Artic regions. Well produced, strong and informative audio-visual exhibitions, very recommended even for children. The Arctic Centre, which is a part of the university, is publishing their research results in reports which are also available at the huge library, that is focussing on Arctic topics and which is located in the same building.

The rest of today

The rest of today was mostly route planning and car maintenance to get the Phoenix motor caravan ready for the trip towards Finmark tomorrow. And again, we ran out of prepaid credit for the mobile, so we need to buy some more to get these messages sent tomorrow morning.

Rovaniemi Library

We went to the municipal library, which is one of a group of three buildings designed by Alvar Aalto to form a civic and cultural centre for Rovaniemi. It was built in 1965 and has one of Aalto's most successful late interiors with several changes of level and with lighting designed to exploit the low northern sun. The house includes an exhibition room and small auditorium and, in the basement, a music library and museum.

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