During their different journeys of the MEMORIA Norway project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis.
It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website.
Clicking at the geographical data to the left of the entries lets you follow their route on the map.


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Mr. Confectioner

One of the works of the exhibition is a tarred and feathered concrete Santa Claus sculpture by the Contemporary Santa Claus Artist Association. They say about their "Mr. Confectioner": [...] The choice of material in our sculpture reflects The Lapland war (1944-45) and the remains of the concrete dugouts of that war. We live at the mercy of history and in the surroundings that it has created. Memory is the mother of the arts and, without remembering, it is impossible to understand the present, not to mention the future. Mr. Confectioner describes the environment in which it stands. It reflects values, which are no shaken by climate change or the ecological balance of nature. In Lapland?s history there is darkness and taboos, that are disguised traumatically. The most visible and superficial disguise is the tourist product Santa Claus.


The Pan-Barentz exhibition takes place at the Lapin Yliopisto, the University of Lapland at Rovaniemi and is curated by "Pikene på Broen" from Kirkenes and "0047" from Oslo. The opening ceremony was held at a nearby gym, where the piece "Barents Mind Game" by artist group Blue Noses was installed.

About the exhibition

15 years after the Barents Region was launched as a new spatial entity in the High North, the exhibition PAN-BARENTZ invites you to explore the Barents identity at the crossroad of art, architecture, urbanism and politics. PAN-BARENTZ present a series of statements, investigations, readings and interpretations made by artists and architects on and of identity in the Barents region.

With a little help ...

We just added a Finnish card to our prepaid card collection, which enables us to send to the logbook directly from Finland. Sounds easy? Forget it. Thanks to Morris and Kerstin for the research! Hooray! In the dark, which starts quite early here, we are surrounded by thousands of led lights, trying hard to get us in a christmas mood. We will stay at least until tomorrow to visit an exhibition opening at the university.


We arrived at Rovaniemi/Finland. This is where you cross the Arctic Circle. And this is where Santa Claus resides. When it comes to caravans, they have the best parking space around here, where they are playing christmas tunes outside 24/7. Tourists come and go and it's really hard to resist singing along ... Parker, stop it!

The middle of nowhere

We're on our way to Haparanda, a city to which is often referred when Scandinavians are talking about the middle of nowhere. The temperature dropped below zero again, it is snowing.

Something about this bridge

There is something about this bridge that makes it appear in all of our logbooks. As far as you can see, which obviously is not so far, there is no snow anymore. On some point in Sweden it suddenly stopped being there The temperature slowly rose to about 3 degrees C. Now it's only fog and constant rain, but we would not expect it to stay that way because we will be driving towards the polar circle.

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