During their different journeys of the MEMORIA Norway project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis.
It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website.
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Hazy shade of winter

The prominent rock on the other side of the Stabburselva now has a white topping. During this twilight, the scenery from the ground up to the sky got the same blueish grey shade. Everything is defined by contrast rather than by color.

New dress

Yesterday evening it started to snow. Not just a little, and it was snowing the whole night through. With the new day, the landscape presents itself with a completely new dress.

Synnøve Persen

We visited artist and poet Synnøve Persen. She is well known for her writings in the Sámi language and she also is a respected painter. She told us her story of growing up in a Sámi family, not being allowed to use her mothertongue by Norwegian law. Even if this drove a lot of Sámi to hide or even deny their origin she later studied the language by her own and her first book was published in 1981. Among the other fascinating stories she had to tell, was the one about the so called Alta Controversy in the end of the 70ies, during which she took part in the hungerstrike in front of the parliament in Oslo.

They predicted a storm

They predicted a strong storm for this weekend, but what we are observing is a warm breeze, 7 degrees C outside and a lot of rain. An old man from Lakselv even called it the warmest winter since 1944.

Christmas is neigh

We drove to Lakselv, where they put up the christmas tree today. Next to it, inside a huge tent, the kids are doing a x-mas dance pop performance. Coffee, cookies and Glögg for the audience and the proud parents. Outside it is raining heavily. It's thawing and the marketplace is no longer covered with ice and snow but with slippery mud.

Further down

We're taking sound recordings further down the river. It started to snow a little.

A piece of the river

This is a piece of the Stabbursdalen River. By the thickness you can imagine what powers have been involved to crack it and push it up. To the left is Parker's arm holding the flashlight.

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