SpringerParker are returning for Barents Spektakel 2013 and will present the successor to their opera, a new production THE FINNMARK DIARIES.

Logbook entries will start approx. Feb. 04–05 2013

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So it is farewell again. Despite the low temperatures we felt the welcoming warmth around here once again. Thank you all of Pikene på Broen again for letting and helping us do this project so high up north. Many thanks to all the volunteers and technicians involved, you've all did a great job! Hope to be back again soon!

Karpe Diem

Norwegian Hip Hop - 'Karpe Diem' rocking the Fjellhallen.

Kirkenes style

After the show. People keeping themselves warm - Kirkenes style. We're happy that everything went so smoothly with the show. Now: dinner, then celebrations!

Different angles

That's during our song 'Route 888'. People are starting to walk around the stage, even behind it to explore the views through the layered screens from different angles.


It's showtime.


Shortly before 18:00 h people start to show up. Nobody wants to stay outside longer than needed. Feels like close to -30°C again. Thanks for coming!


Getting ready for the outdoor rehearsals.

Sondre Lerche

Later at the Sondre Lerche concert at the Ritz.


There are still some minor adjustments that need to be done to the stage and the lights. But there's nothing that can't be fixed with a DINO 210 XT, right?

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