SpringerParker are returning for Barents Spektakel 2013 and will present the successor to their opera, a new production THE FINNMARK DIARIES.

Logbook entries will start approx. Feb. 04–05 2013

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Talk about the Weather

Back to the ice cream van from yesterday. Kjetil Berge, Norwegian artists and art professor in the UK drove this van he got from ebay all the way from London to Kirkenes, via Murmansk in Russia - to talk with people about the weather, and give them ice cream. But the title "Breaking The Ice" also refers to the effects of global warming. The whole trip was beautifully documented by Andrei Kurochkin, the film is shown from inside the van. Funny and inspiring to watch. Oh, and of course they are giving away ice cream. Never had an ice cream at -20°C before? People here seem to enjoy it.


Just some random ice sculpture on the way ...


View over the Kirkenesfjorden. Now back to the city to see more art ...


Ships resting in the harbor. It's around -20°C today and it's already starting to get dark again. Something you have to get used up here to during this time of the year.

The harbor

On the way to the harbor. View towards the city.

Video screens

With Masha from the festival on the way to the shop where they're going to sew the video screens for our outdoor performance from the fabric we brought from Germany.


Trees are covered in crispy white. It's gonna be a cold day!

More exhibitions

Luba giving a short introduction to the exhibition at the shopping mall, which presents works of Amund Sjølie Sveen, a familiar face here at the festival and architects Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy and Stiv Kuling.

Ice Candles

Candles inside ice tubes are leading the way to more exhibitions in the shopping mall.

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