SpringerParker are returning for Barents Spektakel 2013 and will present the successor to their opera, a new production THE FINNMARK DIARIES.

Logbook entries will start approx. Feb. 04–05 2013

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Ice cream

Oh yes ... and there's an ice cream van outside, supposed to be open by tomorrow. We'll see.

Smells like Arctic

Now the exhibitions are being opened, here we're inside the work of Paris based artists Magali Daniaux and Cedric Pigot, a white container that smells inside. It contains a specially composed Arctic odor. In the picture: artistic director Luba Kuzovnikova in her famous white fur with Norwegian Minister of Culture, Hadia Tajik. By the way,the youngest minister ever in Norway, and the first Muslim in a Norwegian cabinet.

Tuesday night at the movies

After dinner the guests head over to a movie premiere at the Aurora Cinema.

Hi he said

At the festival dinner with Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. Like at the dinner with her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway two years ago there are a lot of security measures and rules how everything has to be done. And then Crown Prince Haakon came in and said: »Hi!«, most personable! Nice dinner with entertaining cultural intermezzi and some inspiring conversations with dinner guests.

Bang Bang

... and some fireworks of course !

Opening show

Followed by the opening show featuring some intense video mapping on that building. Spectacular!

Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway

Back in Kirkenes, where his Royal Highness Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway (to the left) is opening the festival.

Colder by the minute

It's getting colder by the minute. Nearly 50 °C difference between inside and outside ... praise long underwear!


Today on the menu: fiskekaker.

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