SpringerParker are returning for Barents Spektakel 2013 and will present the successor to their opera, a new production THE FINNMARK DIARIES.

Logbook entries will start approx. Feb. 04–05 2013

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A short trip with Michael and Jona to their home at Jarfjordbotn close to the Russian border. It's pretty dark already and there's a clear starry sky.

At Breakfast

The view towards the city. Looks like a clear cold day.

The Finnmark Diaries

The festival newspaper ... more about all this during the next days!

Kirkenes, it's been a while

... but it feels good to be back up here !

Deal with it

Guess who wins?

The eagle has landed

... or whatever they call this thing that just landed at the Hoeybuktmoen Airport a few kilometres outside of Kirkenes - on board a lot of artists and visitors of the Barents Spektakel, which will start tomorrow. Today was de-day: de-icing, de-parture, de-layed. Lot's of snow here.

Some clouds are bigger than others

Somewhere high above the Finnmark.


The airport.

Leaving on a jet plane

Something is different this time ...

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