During their different journeys of the MEMORIA Norway project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis.
It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website.
Clicking at the geographical data to the left of the entries lets you follow their route on the map.


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Yesterday night at NRK

It wasn't always easy for us to continue with Memoria Norway, but some people and institutions believed in this project. And yesterday night NRK1 screened a first TV report about it, as part of their "Safari" programme. This time it focussed on "the end of the world" as a reference to the upcoming climate conference in Copenhagen. You can watch the episode "Verdens Untergang" online at: http://www1.nrk.no/nett-tv/indeks/192993

The Alta Controversy

About 30 years ago, a plan by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) to build a dam and a hydroelectric power plant that would create an artificial lake and inundate the Sámi village of Máze, was the starting point of the so called "Alta Controversy". Part of the public protests against the construction were strikes and actions in the area and a hunger strike in front of the parliament in Oslo. Although the construction could not be stopped, this act of civil disobedience was an important turning point for the strengthening of Sámi rights.

Raining in Alta

We arrived in Alta during the night and decided to stay, rather than driving further on to Kautokeino. The temperature outside at this time was -12 degrees C. We found a campingspace with the familiar lavvus surrounding it. In the morning we woke up from constantly dripping sounds on the caravan roof. It was raining heavily and one can imagine what effect this had on the frozen roads.

Stranger than fiction

While the light of the sun (that didn't show up) is refracting on the horizon we are experiencing some really surreal moments.


The heavy snowfall from some days ago left huge armies of frozen creatures next to the roads.


When another truck passes by, the air flow hits us quite hard plus the tiny snow crystals make it impossible to see anything for a few seconds. Driving is exhausting and demands even more concentration.


The snow is pretty dry. Driven by the wind it grabs like cold claws for the road.

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