During their different journeys of the MEMORIA Norway project, SpringerParker will update the Logbook on a regular basis.
It documents their route and events in forms of on location photos and descriptions sent directly via the mobile phone to this website.
Clicking at the geographical data to the left of the entries lets you follow their route on the map.


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Every now and then

Every now and then it is starting to snow but the moment you realize it, it has already stopped again. We're driving towards the Alta Mountains. The summit is 380m. It's getting colder, we're curious what lies ahead.


We're leaving Hammerfest, in this dark twilight everything looks like miniature landscapes.

Arktisk Kultursenter

We met Gerd Hagen, the director of the cultural department of the Hammerfest municipality and Knut Munkvold, the director of the Arktisk Kultursenter and did an introduction to Memoria Norway.

Bus Stop

We found our way back from the hills, down to the direction of Melkøya. The complex was finished in 2007 but was shut down a few months later duo to technical problems. The gigantic torch produced a high level of soot, that was resulting in a thin black layer covering the streets of the city. It came back online in the beginning of 2008. A bus from the island crosses our way. Statoil was founded as a private limited company owned by the Government of Norway on July 14, 1972. The Nowegian goverment still retained a majority ownership in the company. It is the 13th largest oil and gas company in the world.

Airport Surroundings

We followed the recurring sounds and blinking lights from airplanes and found ourselves up in the mountains of Hammerfest. The airport lies just in the suburbs surrounded by a large group of buildings. We both were kind of fascinated about the large number of aircraft entering and leaving the city during a single day.

St. Michael's

St. Michael's is the local Roman Catholic church and thus adds to the extensive collection of northernmost ... found in the Finnmark, because it is the world's northernmost Catholic church. It lies near to the centre city, close to the harbour. Hammerfest was completely destroyed during WWII and rebuilt afterwards. St. Michael's was built mainly by German volunteers after the war and was completed in 1958. It also holds a small Catholic school.


Out on the sea lies a tankship that will leave to deliver its freight once it's fully loaded.

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